Environmentally conscious transport solutions

Environmentally conscious transport solutions At Stentransporten, we think about the environment, and therefore there are also many measures we take to reduce CO2 and take care of the environment.

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Transport solutions and warehouse hotel

In addition to our transport solutions, we also have a warehouse hotel / warehouse rental, where we pack or repack goods for many customer types, and help with truck work etc.

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We take the environment into account/In it for the long run

​At Stentransporten, we care about the place we all call home. Therefore, we have launched many initiatives to reduce the CO2 emissions and take care of the environment.

-​ When purchasing new trucks, we place great emphasis on the fact that they must be environmentally friendly.

-​ Our drivers are continuously on relevant courses that help prevent and reduce accidents, injuries, license violations, carbon emissions and more.

-​ Optimized route planning. We try as much as possible to reduce ‘empty kilometers’, and minimize distances between loading and unloading. Our customers also have the option of choosing a longer delivery time to reduce the number of empty kilometers. This is both good for the environment and provides a cheaper price pr. km. for you as the customer

- We never drive with empty trucks.

Electric trucks in our warehouse

In addition to our diesel trucks that run on environmentally friendly diesel, we now also use electric trucks in our warehouse. At Stentransporten, we are environmentally conscious, and we want to do our part to take care of the environment for years to come.

We have both outdoor and indoor storage options, where we offer to handle, repackage and store all of your goods. That's why our trucks drive long distances every day. We can therefore, with the help of our electric trucks, help to reduce CO2 emissions and create a better future.

We also offer extra environmentally conscious transport solutions

​At Stentransporten, we think about the environment and our future. That is why we are proud to offer eco-driving on HVO100. HVO100 is a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and it helps reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional diesel.

In transport solutions, you can read more about the environmentally conscious HVO100 and what benefits it has.

Read more about our transport solutions

Read more about our transport solutions

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